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Friendship and peer support for women struggling with the emotions of motherhood


Our Groups

Our groups are run by mums for mums who want to talk about the real stuff. Life, the kids, themselves (yes that is allowed even when you're a mum), how you really feel about it all. Whether that's rubbish, ecstatic, or a roller-coaster in between.

A safe space where you will be LISTENED to without judgement, surrounded by mums who, when it comes down to it, are just like you. (We know it seems unreal but other mums find this stressful too!)
So if you're feeling overwhelmed and stressed by the being a mum thing (which can start in pregnancy), anxious, alone, or have even been diagnosed with depression or anxiety, or just want to share tea and cake with someone who gets where you're coming from. Come join us, coz we get it too- trust us we have been there!

Butterflies Community believe that you are important therefore your confidentiality is super important to us too. We work with but are not affiliated with children's centres, health visitors, or schools. And we can help signpost you to other areas of help if you want it.

We do all those things but mostly we are just here. Here for you to talk to. To hold the space so you can breathe, because we've been there and are there.

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At the moment our groups meet in:

  • Ware 
  • Welwyn Garden City 
  • Borehamwood
  • Stotfold/Letchworth
  • Hitchin
  • Online

How can I join in?

Look on our facebook page for information about when and where, or email us contactus@butterfliescommunity.support, or text Rebecca on 07969 315591 for information on groups on and offline

Hands together


Counselling is an important part of recovering from ante or post natal depression. We are able to refer you for affordable counselling to Hertfordshire Therapy Centre who offer a safe, non-judgemental space for you to talk and think about how you are feeling right now, how you can manage your feelings in the moment and how you can change your behaviour in the long term.

When we have enough people interested we will offer group counselling as in our experience drawing on the strength of other women is powerful and supportive.

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Where do I go?

Hertfordshire Therapy Centre offer both counselling in person at our centre in Welwyn Garden City, as well as telephone and Skype sessions if you are unable to visit us.

You can also ask your GP for a referral for free therapy through the NHS.

Starting counselling

For some counselling can be daunting prospect. If you have worries or concerns about this please contact Rebecca or Rona in confidence.

Your first session should reassure you, but if you are still worried talk with your therapist. 

Online Support Group

Online Support

As well as our regular group meets we offer an online support group. We use facebook to offer this service. We do realise that this doesn't suit everyone but in our experience many mums use facebook already and so using this platform provides an easy way for you to access support as and when you need it. Our group is closed and so posts do not show up on your timeline. We ask that all personal information shared is kept confidential and have a team of admins to monitor the discussion. By providing this online support group we aim to provide safe space for you to ask for help, celebrate your wins, offload and generally be yourself without judgement at any time of the day or night. We can also use it to put you in touch with your local group facilitators. To join the group please text 07969 315591 for a link. 

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